Company Overview

E.ON Control Solutions (ECS), formerly Matrix, is a leading provider of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS). We control and monitor building services within the commercial, public, IT, residential, retail and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our services include small to major project installations, site support services, energy management solutions and data analytics. Our control systems are designed to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in building performance to improve sustainability, reduce energy costs and minimise operational expenditure.

A key driver in building services is workplace wellbeing. Repeated studies have shown that a focus on employee and workplace wellbeing can result in improved productivity, increased morale, less sick days and better staff retention.

Our expertise is built on many years of building services BEMS experience which has been applied to create a complete energy management offering.

We deliver this through our:

  • Best in class technical solutions
  • Efficient, effective and sustainable delivery of our services
  • Ongoing support services throughout the lifetime of the BEMS
  • Innovation in energy and asset management
  • Investment and partnership with our clients
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Energy Management
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Office Locations