The customer’s building and energy management systems were decentralised and operating on widely different hardware, leading to confusion around core energy usage and critical connectivity issues. Reporting involved manual collation of data from different systems, in different formats, managed by different teams and contractors around the world. This reporting process was very time consuming and open to manual error. As a result, the customer wanted to replace this manual process with real time, responsive energy monitoring and critical systems status data in one place, to inform timely decisions about the running of their sites and offices. We created a global dashboard, displaying live energy usage and monitoring critical data and alarms for all of their sites. This brings together data from different system manufacturers, including Trend, Johnsons and Siemens; and includes high level interfaces with other critical infrastructure systems, such as UPS and battery monitoring. These systems are part of different buildings’ IT Infrastructure, and communicate through a wide range of subsidiary open protocols, so connectivity was established in order to incorporate the data into a logical map based format. Supervisor displays now provide intuitive navigation between sites, immediately indicating any equipment malfunctions and highlighting alert priorities for users. For example, an alarm in the Frankfurt office would cause the EMEA region to flash on the dashboard, leading the user to the specific site in Germany where the affected system is then shown. This enables users to minimise local disruption from problems and understand the wider “health” of whole cities, countries or regions. By monitoring plant condition and energy usage across sites, the business can make timely, informed strategic decisions while also managing operational performance with increased accuracy and reliability. This leads to improved sustainability credentials and cost savings over time both of which can be tracked and reported on centrally. Our customer provides fast, secure and reliable financial services, worldwide. They operate 167 international offices, including their state of the art headquarters in New York and London, each with 4,000+ staff, and a large number of data centres. Energy is a significant part of a building’s running costs, and 60-80% of the annual energy spend is controllable through a BeMS. We can reduce your buildings’ energy usage, and provide better conditions for occupants, through: