With the world around us constantly changing at an increasing pace, there has never been a more important time for businesses to focus on true economic and environmental sustainability. The world we find ourselves in is digital, rapidly evolving, instantly accessible and, as we have all experienced in recent months, can extend far beyond our control.

Your buildings are a critical and key business asset. They have the ability to provide an optimal environment for your staff and your customers and consume energy every minute of every day and night – so shouldn’t they be carefully monitored and proactively managed to suit your own business operations?

Buildings, and the assets within them, should be visible, adaptable, smart and pro-active, delivering to you the best and most energy efficient spaces to operate your business…

The EON EMC is a UK pioneer and market leader in remote energy building management services with 15 years of experience. The EMC currently remotely manages over 6,000 buildings across the UK. Driven by the power and knowledge of our highly technical and experienced staff, we are now extending our reach across Europe with brand new innovative, digital solutions to drive toward truly sustainable and energy efficient buildings via our Optimum energy management platform.

Let us make your buildings digital, bring them into the modern world, and make them work for your business…

“Bringing you technical experience and in depth knowledge coupled with technology through OPTIMUM to deliver powerful solutions”

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Our Energy Management Centre is licenced to use almost all recognised industry systems – BMS Front end & Engineering Software

Our technical staff and BMS engineers have a wide range of engineering competencies and certification across multiple system manufacturers

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