A non-maintained BEMS will have a major impact on the efficient functionality of a building. Buildings with a well maintained BEMS can have energy bills 15 to 35% lower than a non-maintained control system. An ongoing and efficient maintenance regime is essential for the optimum control of your building services.

Our ECS service delivery team provides continued system efficiency and ongoing site and remote support services including regular scheduled maintenance visits tailored to meet your needs. Planned maintenance combined with a prompt reactive service and the ability to action repairs provides year-round peace of mind.

We are experienced in meeting the customers service requirements across a wide range of BEMS manufacturers and sectors. With the resources at our disposal BEMS maintenance can be reviewed on a single site or portfolio basis in order to provide enhancement to a traditional site-based PPM regime, or to provide an alternative solution to our clients.

By combining site-based PPM with optional remote services available from our Energy Management Centre (EMC), the BEMS can be utilised to provide optimum energy efficiency and comfort well-being in your building.