The museum is a heritage site and public institution dedicated to human history, art and culture. Its permanent collection is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the world.The museum required a controls specialist with the experience and scope of services to be able to support a large Building Energy Management System (BEMS), under a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) regime. The customer and its Facilities Management team were looking for a solution for both current and legacy equipment and were eager to use just one BEMS provider.Our experienced in-house engineers and Service team carry out planned and reactive maintenance, delivering on-site support and working closely with the Facilities Management team to optimise the operation of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) plant.We provide 24/7 reactive support, utilising site and rota engineers to respond to any emergency or system breakdowns. By taking a fully integrated approach, we are also involved in project and energy works across the site: including upgrades, system modifications and energy saving applications.By developing a tailored package of services as a single point of contact, our transparent approach to service delivery ensures that the museum receives a high-quality service that is efficiently and reliably delivered.We have maintained BEMS control systems on customer sites for a number of years, and through proactive dialogue via our Sales teams, we have established a lifecycle migration plan to meet any budgetary requirements.An unmaintained BEMS will have a major impact on the efficient operation of a building, and buildings with a well maintained BEMS typically have energy invoices that are 15-35% lower. As such, an ongoing and efficient maintenance regime is essential for the optimum control of building services. We take pride in being part of an industry that is making massive steps in helping buildings reduce carbon emissions. Energy accounts for a significant percentage of a building’s running costs with 60-80% of the annual energy spend controllable through a BEMS.Our technical solutions and services can help manage your buildings’ energy performance and comfort to reduce consumption and provide optimum conditions for the occupiers.Projects – design, supply, installation and commissioning of BEMSService – maintenance, support, lifecycle upgradesIntegration – seamless connectivity for building control systemsEnergy solutions – metering, Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), demand-driven software strategiesRemote service – 24/7 call out, triage, remote planned preventative maintenance (PPM), critical alarm monitoringAdvance remote solutions – IoT, smart buildings, data acquisition, analytics and control