Our customer provides investment management solutions and retirement expertise to more than 2.5 million customers around the world.Their countryside campus consists of three separate buildings surrounded by extensive grounds.The customer required a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) capable of integrating plant and equipment to control the environmental conditions within the buildings.Key considerations included lighting switching, illuminance levels and scene setting, in order to achieve enhanced energy efficiency and optimum user comfort.The solution also needed to be delivered across a campus that has multiple buildings and client occupation, and a range of phased completion dates.We were appointed to deliver the BEMS solution across the campus.The control system we installed consisted of Siemens PXC controllers for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Siemens PXC3 controllers for lighting, and Siemens DXR controllers for fan coil unit (FCU) terminal control.The Siemens PXC controllers manage: the primary heating and cooling plant, integration and control of packaged air handling units, electrical distribution and building conditions monitoring.The Siemens DXR controllers provide terminal unit control of individual FCUs and are integrated into the building zones and segments. The Siemens PXC3 controllers then provide control of the building lighting control zones using KNX and DALI network integration.The intelligent lighting control provides presence detection, daylight dimming and scene setting through user interface controllers. Automated emergency lighting testing provides reporting back to the BEMS head-end PC and lighting control devices are integrated with the DXR DCU controls to provide a fully automated and efficient solution.All systems are fully integrated into a demand-driven system accessed via a single head-end.Through collaborative working with other main project stakeholders, we were able to deliver a fully integrated system across the campus. This provided energy savings and enhanced user comfort while meeting the client’s requirement for phased occupation.Our successful BEMS installation also secured a WELL Gold rating for the campus, further supporting our customer’s commitment to advanced health and well-being across its office spaces. We take pride in being part of an industry that is making massive steps in helping buildings reduce carbon emissions. Energy accounts for a significant percentage of a building’s running costs with 60-80% of the annual energy spend controllable through a BEMS.Our technical solutions and services can help manage your buildings’ energy performance and comfort to reduce consumption and provide optimum conditions for the occupiers.Projects – design, supply, installation and commissioning of BEMSService – maintenance, support, lifecycle upgradesIntegration – seamless connectivity for building control systemsEnergy solutions – metering, Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), demand-driven software strategiesRemote service – 24/7 call out, triage, remote planned preventative maintenance (PPM), critical alarm monitoringAdvance remote solutions – IoT, smart buildings, data acquisition, analytics and control