Optimum analyses data to give you a view of your consumption in order to manage your energy use effectively. Data analysed and visualised in Optimum can come from intelligent meters, your Building Management Systems (BMS) or via installed gateway devices. Utility data from intelligent meters installed in your buildings can be imported directly from your meter operator or energy supplier. Your data can also be imported into Optimimum via a number of methods and in various formats. We cam consolidate data from existing Smart Meters, Sub-Meters and building infrastructure. If you need any additional hardware we can provide you with a solution that’s tailored to your needs. Optimum provides you with a wide range of functions and analysis options – regardless of the industry, company size or number of locations. In addition to total consumption, load profiles can be displayed or detailed analyses of individual consumption can be carried out down to the device level. Optimum offers you both pre-configured analyses and the possibility to create individual dashboards. Whether consumption analysis, such as day and night consumption analysis, heat map or weekday consumption analysis, load curve analysis or benchmarking analysis – choose the analyses that give you the necessary transparency about your data. This allows you to evaluate the respective energy, environmental or production data of your sites in a clear and time-saving manner. Our solution brings your data together. You can access the data of your sites at any time and from anywhere at the touch of a button. This allows you to quickly identify potential savings and effectively manage yor company. Manufacturing, Logistics or Retail – Every industry, every company and even every single site s different. That is why you can individually define and configure your key indicators and analyses in the dashboard – Exactly as you need it. Detailed information on electricity gas or water consumption is the basis for reducing your energy costs. In the dashboard you can quickly identify expensive peak loads and optimise your load profile. Furthermore you can visualise heat output, compressed air generation and many more. The analysis of quantities, the power consumption at machine level and the processing times provides you with transparency about your operation processes. This allows you to quickly remedy deficiencies and uncover potential for modernisation. Whether room or outside temperature, air humidity or emission levels – with a look at the dashboard you can track energy losses identify weak points and optimise costs. Visualise CO2 emissions, water quality or sound level – everything is possible. We will be happy to demonstrate Optimum to you This will give you a comprehensive impression of our product. We will work with you to determine how Optimum can add the most value to your business. We define what data you want to gather and visualise in order to save as much energy, carbon and cost as possible, as well as helping you visualise other business indicators. E.ON can work with your existing energy supply companies, asset and management systems or implement new systems where required. This will ensure your data flows correctly and smoothly into Optimum. E.ON ensures energy and asset insights are set up correctly within Optimum. User set-up is self-service allowing customers to onboard their organisation at no additional cost. Training information is provided through users guides, webinars and tailored sessions where applicable. The measured data is collected and automatically analysed in Optimum. It is accessible anytime and anywhere and can be used for the uncovering of efficiency potentials, tracking efficiency measures and driving you towards achieving your sustainability and financial goals. Did you know we offer energy management software as well? Our Energy Management Centre (EMC) is already remotely connected to over 6,000 sites via Internet Protocol (IP) and remotely manage and control thousands of energy consuming assets across our client’s property estates. This is why your data is exchanged in accordance with the European Data Protection Standards and hosting is done exclusively is secure European data centres certified according to ISO 27001. Do you have any questions or would you like to request a product presentation? Simply contact us and we will get back to you shortly.