People’s awareness of sustainability and environmental protection is steadily increasing. With this awareness, the demands they place on all the companies in the world are also growing. This also applies to the sports and leisure sector. Working sustainably can therefore become an important differentiator. The collection and visualisation of all your energy data helps you to achieve the sustainability goals you have set. With our energy management system E.ON Optimum, we will support you in uncovering optimisation potential and thus not only protect the environment, but also reduce your costs. Demonstrate your successes with E.ON Optimum and build a green image. Your challenges are many and varied. We show you how Optimum supports you with sustainable solutions to master them. One of the biggest challenges is on the one hand to improve the CO2 balance and thus increase sustainability and on the other hand to reduce energy consumption, which is a significant cost factor in every company. E.ON Optimum delivers the necessary transparency through ingesting data from BMS and/or data collectors as well as submeters and smart devices and display electricity, gas, water, humidity and many other data back to the user in one intuitive format. In order to increase visitor or member comfort and reduce energy consumption at the same time, it’s necessary to capture and visualise all relevant parameters. E.ON Optimum enables you to capture and visualise parameters such as room temperature, humidity or CO2 content in order to be able to adjust on this basis and thus increase visitor or member comfort and reduce energy consumption. Allocating company resources in the most effective way is crucial for success. Without a consistent view of the sites in your estate, there is no simple way to identify poorly performing sites for energy efficiency projects. Use E.ON Optimum’s Benchmarking and Portfolio analyses that deliver a simple benchmarking of sites against the rest of the estate based on energy consumption per square meter and visualise the year-on-year performance comparison of your main electric portfolio. This enables you to replicate best practices within the company. It can be difficult to make decisions about opening hours because there is no transparency about the energy consumption or cost per visitor or member at the different times. Use E.ON Optimum’s KPI Management to display key figures that show energy consumption in relation to business parameters. You can find out, for example, how much energy was consumed per visitor/member. This offers you, for example, the possibility to decide on the opening hours for your gym or swimming pool. Transparency about the results of energy efficiency measures helps to get approval from the CFO for the budget in the next financial year and enables energy teams to take on more ambitious projects in the future. E.ON Optimum can show the cumulative savings resulting from energy efficiency projects for all sites, as well as the savings and status of each site’s projects compared to the targeted results. This enables the responsible parties to verify whether the energy efficiency measures at the various sites are delivering the promised cost and energy (CO2) savings. It’s often difficult to understand how environmental conditions impact energy consumption. However, this is necessary in order to derive targeted measures. E.ON Optimum delivers a temperature analysis that allows our customers to correlate energy consumption with the outside temperature and calculated heating and cooling degree days. This enables our customers to learn how environmental conditions impact energy consumption and derive suitable measures. From the consumption overview for electricity, gas and CO2, to the day-and-night consumption analysis – You have a wide range of visualisation and analysis tools. These are tailored to your company’s needs. Manufacturing companies also benefit from the possibility of effective control across sites. At any time and from anywhere you can view your sites at the push of the button and identify your savings potential. Do you have any questions or would you like to request a product presentation? Simply contact us and we will get back to you shortly.