Competition in the logistics industry has increased noticeably in recent years. In addition to rising energy process, regulatory requirements and the increase in cheaper competing providers this is increasing the economic and ecological pressure on companies. In this context energy efficiency and sustainability are becoming decisive factors of corporate success. The collection and visualisation of all your energy data helps you to achieve the sustainability goals you have set. With our energy management system, we will support you in uncovering optimisation potential and thus not only protect the environment, but also reduce your costs. Your challenges are many and varied. We show you how Optimum supports you with sustainable solutions to master them. Energy consumption is a key driver of operational costs in every company. However, heterogenous infrastructure leads to a lot of effort to capture and visualise energy, process and environmental data across the company or for every single site. Optimum can ingest data from BAAS and/or data collectors as well as communicating submeters and smart devices and display electricity, gas, water, humidity and many other data back to the user in one intuitive format. This enables our customers to improve awareness and increase efficiency. To identify efficiency potential there is a need to analyse data intensively. For this reason. it is important to have the right analyses available at the touch of a button. Optimum provides a range of analyses, such as the Day and night analysis or Days of the week analysis, that deliver relevant information to identity efficiency potentials on that basis. Freshness for perishable foods and the right indoor climate in warehouses are the decisive factors. So often not only the correct temperature has to be maintained, but also the air humidity, e.g. in warehouses for technical devices. Optimum can easily capture and visualise all storage conditions, The alerting function gives you information about deviations and allows you to react quickly. Regulatory obligations to reduce energy or to deliver transparent reporting are increasing year by year. A corresponding energy management system is necessary for this. Without a well-designed energy management system, this will occupy more and more employee time, distracting from business operations. Optimum is ISO 50001 certified and creates the basic prerequisite for (re-)certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001 by providing the relevant data basis. It’s often complicated to understand energy consumption in relation to key business parameters in order to identify undesirable developments and implement improvement or corrective measures. Use Optimum’s KPI Management to display key figures that show energy consumption in relation to business parameters. You can find out, for example, how much energy was consumed per stored product. Many energy performance projects cost a lot of money and it can sometimes be unclear whether or not you’re getting the return on your investment that you were promised. There is a real need to view project information in the context of the site. Optimum can show the cumulative savings resulting from energy efficiency projects for all sites, as well as the savings and status of each site’s projects compared to the targeted results. From the consumption overview for electricity, gas and CO2, to the day-and-night consumption analysis – You have a wide range of visualisation and analysis tools. These are tailored to your company’s needs. Logistics companies also benefit from the possibility of effective control across sites. At any time and from anywhere you can view your sites at the push of the button and identify your savings potential. Do you have any questions or would you like to request a product presentation? Simply contact us and we will get back to you shortly.