Every Company has different requirements for an energy management system. E.ON Optimum offers you four different subscription levels. This allows you to choose the level the best suits the needs of your business. You remain flexible and only pay for the functions you really need. And if your requirements change, you can easily switch to another E.ON Optimum package. From single site customers with a small number of meters over multisite customers at the beginning of their sustainability journey to complex multisite customers with the goals to implement a performance reporting or to undertake extensive performance projects – E.ON Optimum is split into 4 different subscription levels to be flexible to meet our customers needs, no matter what sector they come from. See below for more information. Do you have any questions or would like advice on which package suits you best? Contact us briefly and we will get back to you in a short time. The implementation of E.ON Optimum is not difficult. Learn how E.ON Optimum can be implemented in your company in just 4 steps, allowing you to uncover energy efficiency potential quickly and easily.