Increasing competitive pressure, rising energy prices but also pressure from society and government on the retail sector make the development of sustainability strategies necessary. The collection and visualisation of all your energy data helps you to achieve the sustainability goals you have set. With our energy management system E.ON Optimum, we will support you in uncovering optimisation potential and thus not only protect the environment, but also reduce your costs. Your challenges are many and varied. We show you how Optimum supports you with sustainable solutions to master them. E.ON is a competitive metering point operator (wMSB). In combination with an Optimum subscription level that suits your requirements, we enable you to visualise all metering points in one system in a cost-effective and clear manner. In addition, E.ON Optimum can take data from BMS and/or data collectors, as well as sub-meters and smart devices, and display all relevant data at a glance. This can increase awareness and help you make better decisions on the data. E.ON Optimum’s Benchmarking and Portfolio analyses deliver a simple benchmarking of sites against the rest of the estate based on energy consumption per square meter and visualise the year-on-year performance comparison of your complete portfolio. This enables you to replicate best practices despite limited resources or to prioritise energy efficiency despite day-to-day time-consuming operational issues. E.ON Optimum can show the cumulative savings resulting from energy efficiency projects for all sites, as well as the savings and status of each site’s projects compared to the targeted results. This enables your energy team to use data to demonstrate the holistic transition to sustainability, taking into account renewable and more efficient generation and consumption efficiency, to internal and external stakeholders. It is often difficult to understand how individual factors affect energy consumption. E.ON Optimum delivers a temperature analysis that allows you to correlate energy consumption with outside temperature and calculated heating and cooling degree days. E.ON Optimum consumption analyses, such as the Day and Night analysis or Days of the week analysis make transparent how varying business operations drive the energy consumption. This helps you, for example, to analyse how changing opening hours affect your energy consumption. With E.ON Optimum’s KPI Management you can display key figures that show energy consumption in relation to business parameters. You can find out, for example, how much energy was consumed per customer or per item produced. Thus, benchmarking of business parameters is simplified and you can understand, for example, how customer frequency affects your energy consumption. E.ON Optimum delivers four different subscription levels from which our customers can choose the right one for their business. This way, our customers only pay for the service they actually need and receive transparency that enables them to reduce energy costs. This enables retail companies to reduce energy costs and increase sustainability despite tight energy budgets due to low margins and high competition. From the consumption overview for electricity, gas and CO2 to the day-and-night consumption analysis – You have a wide range of visualisation and analysis tools. These are tailored to your company’s needs. Retail shops also benefit from the possibility of effective control across sites. At any time and from anywhere you can view your sites at the push of the button and identify your savings potential. Do you have any questions or would you like to request a product presentation? Simply contact us and we will get back to you shortly.